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Web Design & Development

Webdesign & Development

Our web projects are developed by computer engineers not freelancers. We make complex systems simple to understand and easy for your clients to use.

You do not want to have a complex surgery done by nurse, as you do not want your elaborate website created by a freelancer. We are the surgeons of web development. We take into consideration every aspect of your business when we perform our operations.

Only professional team of people with foundational education can foresee the complex technology solutions for your company’s needs.

We automate business processes through Internet Technologies and help business retain clients, cut labor costs and increase revenue.

Our Development Process is Simple

Step 1. Free Initial Consultation

First, we discuss your business goals and your website vision during our FREE initial consultation. Our meeting will be more productive if you will be prepared with a clear set of goals that your project needs to accomplish, and examples of websites that you like.

Step 2. Discovery

If we decide that we are a good match for each other and will both benefit from our future relationship, we will engage into the discovery process.

Discovery is a series of online or personal meetings, where we map out the specific scope of your project. During those meeting we combine your knowledge in your specific industry with our knowledge of online tools that can increase your return on web development investment.

At the end we come up with the project plan will serve the goals of your organization, be it increasing revenue, automating processes, retaining current clients, attracting new members or clients.

Discovery helps you attain maximum return on your web development investment. Read more about the price and the length of the discovery.

Step 3. Website Design

Third, our designers will create a user friendly website design that will present solutions your business provides to your customers in a best way possible. Your website will also be designed as a sales funnel by providing your customer with different options to encourage a purchase of a product or subscription to a service.

Step 4. Web Development

Fourth, comes the actual web development. Whether your business needs a custom software written or database integrated into the website, setting up an omni-channel eCommerce store front or writing an automatic script for direct communication with your suppliers, we make sure we put our 100% into quality and efficiency. This is our main focus and it is how we build our reputation.

Step 5. Project Launch

Fifth, we set everything up for you including domain name, hosting, SSL, sitemaps, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, email, etc. And… your website or web project goes live!

Step 6. Web Maintenance and Support

The last but not the least, once your website is up and running - it is important to make sure everything works smoothly by maintaining it. You can do it yourself or you can use one of our monthly or yearly maintenance plans.

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