Business Automation

Let the web do it for you

Business Automation

Business Automation

Every business can benefit from process automation. Who doesn’t want to get rid of the routine work which devours a lot of time and hinders profits?

Which process would you automate in your business? We are sure you have something in mind. Let’s talk about it and offload your routine to your website or computer application.

Optimize your website for your business

Website optimization for business

Our specialty is optimization of websites for businesses. Get 100% from your website. Let us make it into a great tool that will help you sell, advertise, process orders, communicate with suppliers, facilitate customer support, save hours of labor costs and, finally, optimize your business process.

Most of the modern websites need hours of work and active maintenance to keep them running. We will help your business website to take care of day to day operations itself. How does that sound to you?

For example, your website will add new pages, update prices and inventory in your ecommerce store, process orders, get product information from vendors. And the website will do it just by itself, while you are taking care of other important business challenges, or may be just sleeping…

Automate your business routine

Business routine automation

At Websoft Depot we are big fans of business automation, in other words, offloading repetitive labor intensive processes to computers. Most organizations have dozens of tasks done by employees on a regular basis that can be performed by a custom web application.

Although it may appear on the surface that these tasks just "take a few moments", but when you start adding up the yearly costs the numbers really begin to grow to hundreds of hours of lost productivity. Moreover, everyone knows that labor is usually a company’s biggest expense.

Whether you are losing time to having to run reports, enter data, or process information, Websoft Depot can help streamline your process.

Our Business Automation services are much more affordable than most people imagine and quickly pay for themselves by reducing your employees lost productivity.

Some examples of business automation we did for our clients

Savings: $35,000 a year by substituting a front desk person with web application

Solution: Administrative tasks offloaded to computer application

Instead of front desk person sport club owner is using a computer application that allows his clients to view club schedule online, make reservations for available dates and times, make payments for classes and ask the owner questions.

The application is synchronized with club owner’s Iphone and Outlook. The club owner also immediately receives any questions asked on his email and phone.

Savings: $40,000 a year by substituting an Assistant Supply Manager with web application

Solution: Administrative tasks offloaded to a computer application

We created a business application for communication with suppliers for the medium-sized online store.

Business application automatically checks the product availability at the warehouse, finds a best price and even bids on the lower price from supplier. After that the application automatically connects with the delivery company and posts a delivery request if the product is available.

The clients gets the product, the business makes the sale without the owner moving a finger.

Savings: $20,000 a year by offloading routine tasks from an Assistant Marketing Manager

Solution: Administrative tasks offloaded to a computer application

We created a web application which automatically analyzes the existing clients database, gives recommendations and creates reports on how and when to contact the clients, which products certain clients might buy based on their online behavior, new services existing clients might be interested in. The system automatically contacts clients when needed to refresh the relationship and to remind the customers that the company can fulfill their business needs.

Those are only few examples of savings your business can use with online business automation.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help automate your business.

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